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is there still a DivWeb? [Mar. 26th, 2007|07:49 pm]
Div Web


NYO. [Apr. 7th, 2003|01:11 am]
Div Web

[music |(none)]

Don't make me chant nonsense words from Di Gi Charat just to generate traffic, folks. I'm absolutely pitiful at that sort of thing these days.

Just a small update ... [Mar. 9th, 2003|10:42 am]
Div Web

[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Negativland, "Hypnotized"]

I'm in the process of putting the final touches on DivWeb's quota system for builders. Hopefully by the end of today we'll be technologically ready to open things up for builders other than myself and xiwangmu ... then Mu and I will have to argue out our initial building policies ;)

I've uploaded some improvements to the helpfile to ensure that it's accurate in the DivWeb context (common MUCK things like killing, robbing, and money are mentioned and more or less dismissed as not part of the DivWeb experience at this time).

I've seen a few of you online but I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of you ... Hopefully, we can find a time to bring back the great old tradition of the Weekly Webmeet!

I encourage discussion here in the LJ community on when are good times for everyone who'd be interested in the Webmeets ... please specify your time zone as well as what weekdays and times you'd be free, or if you feel really helpful, you could just give your time in GMT (which makes it super-easy for weds, but hey ...)

Welcome! [Mar. 6th, 2003|04:21 pm]
Div Web

[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |Renaissance, "The Flood At Lyons"]

This is an introductory post for the DivWeb community.

If you've forgotten how to get involved with a community, get the company's user information like you would for a normal user, and click the link at the top that says "To join this community, click here." For simplicity, I'm duplicating that link; you can simply click here. The next time you log out and back into your LJ client, you should be able to post to DivWeb.


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